Nexus 5 for an Apple Fanboy

My iPhone 5 has been having issues where the cellular signal frequently drops from five bars dots to one. At first I thought it was AT&T but I ran a test were my iPhone was next to a non-Apple phone and the non-Apple phone’s cellular signal strength was off the roof. I have erased and re-configured my device in hopes that it would fix the problem.

I am very close to purchasing a Nexus 5 that I almost checked out a red Nexus 5 when it was released last week. I kept going back to the Play Store until it prompted me that it was out of stock. In a way I was relieved that it was because part of me is not ready to let go of my broken iPhone 5.

Is the next iPhone worth the wait or should I just jump right ahead for a Nexus 5? I am a self-confessed Apple fanboy but the Android devices as of late are very appealing. Maybe it is time to venture into the Android ecosystem, maybe.